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Cayman History Tour (Pedro St. James Castle & The Mission House)

Cayman History Tour (Pedro St. James Castle & the Mission House)

Embark on a journey to discover the rich culture, heritage and history of the Cayman Islands on our Cayman History Tour.

Though today our Islands’ population includes a diverse mix of people from all over the world and we are a modern destination offering sophistication and accessibility, the islands hold a fascinating history with architecture that tells a story and a sight to behold.

Our tour starts by driving through the capital of George Town and past the majestic homes of the wealthy in South Sound, onwards through to the suburban areas of moderate local communities. We will then come upon Pedro St James Castle, which sits perched on high limestone rock cliffs overlooking the deep blue sea. Built in the 1970s at a time when most people lived in tiny, thatch-covered houses, the astonishing 3-story castle was erected by a wealthy Englishman using slave labor. Visitors can attend a 3D multi-sensory presentation and stroll through the fascinating structure with its authentic artifacts and furniture to experience the life of the early settlers.

After Pedro Castle, you will then be transported to the Mission House, another centuries-old historic home on the site of another one of the first settlements in the Islands. The home of early missionaries, teachers and families who established the Presbyterian Church and school in grand Cayman, this attraction is conveniently located in the heart of Bodden Town, which is Cayman’s first capital. In Bodden Town you will be overwhelmed by the undeniable pleasantry, friendliness and hospitality that Caymanians are known for as you are destined to meet locals and witness the diverse, wonderful people that make the Cayman Islands such a welcoming and safe country to visit.


  • Pedro St. James Castle
  • The Mission House

Trip details:

Duration: 3.5 hours (approx.)

What to Wear: Comfortable clothing & shoes, hat 

Additional Items: You may also wish to bring an extra change of clothes along with a backpack, camera and sun screen.

What’s Included: Free Wi-Fi, bottled water, entry passes, transportation

Optional: Lunch can be purchased by extra payment to vendors at Pedro Castle.

Pick-up & Drop-off:  We will collect and drop you off at any of the popular hotels along the Seven Mile Beach and at the Cruise Terminals/Port.

Cost: Adults US$95.00
Kids (4-12 years) US$75.00
(Cost includes admission tickets)

People: 10/min – 29/max (per vehicle)

Tour Time: As this is a private tour, you may choose a time convenient to you. However, note that the earliest tour is at 8:00am and the last tour is at 12 noon.